How do you EQ your headphones?

Hi. Chris from California here. I am just about to turn 70 and have no major hearing problems. That being said, I know I haven't taken extra measures to protect what hearing I have and have done my "rock 'n roll" bit when I was younger. I EQ all of my listening through speakers and headphones using a Schiit Loki and find that with this little box I can make my listening experience a more enjoyable one for me. When I read and research possible new headphones to acquire, I do take the reviews knowing this. I have 3 planar-magnetic and 7 dynamic-type headphones and enjoy them all for their differences. I wondered if others EQ their headphones using a device or software or if they feel doing so is heresy?

I been frothin’ at the mouth wanting to try one. If it doesn’t have tone control, I’ll add it.. plane and simple..

BIG time Mac and Cary guy. see the problem.. One uses it, one doesn’t on the preamps. The better EQs I’ve used are valve based..

The one above is based on BIG valve tec...NOT small valve.. It’s suppose to be the Cats Meow!! They offered me a balanced version and quit willing to please.. I enjoyed the "CAN DO" attitude.

I like just about everything I see at this site..

I have EQ’ed my RAAL SR1a headphones with the new Convolution filter from Acoustic Sounds. This filter runs on ROON (and others) and is used for digital streaming only.

I do not think they have the filter up on the web site yet. I believe the plan for them is to do other headphones with Convolution filters. The RAAL filter cost $250.

I am listening to the new David Bowie live release, I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74), on the RAAL with this filter. I love this filter. It has made a brilliant but difficult drive headphones work perfectly with all the gear I have. This was not the case before the filter.
I have found that with the Loki EQ, I can boost the "dark sounding" headphones (Audeze for me) a little on the top, and tame the "bright sounding" (Hifiman 560 and Grado 325) to my acceptable levels.