How does ICEpower 1200AS2 compares to Hypex NC500 implementation?

I need to buy an amp that works well with a large center channel. I have made up my mind on going with Class D to save space among other things. 

I have narrowed down to two implementations, they are based on ICEpower 1200AS2 and Hypex NC500, links are for the data sheets. 

ICEpower 1200AS2 implementations from Apollon Audio and Nord Acoustics among others look good. And one of this module can power two speakers or act as mono block(no bridging necessary!?) all for less than $1000, seems quite a value.

All the local manufactures seem to be still focused on using older ICEpower modules not sure why. Any one has thoughts or detailed technical input on which amplifier to use?. The speaker in question is Legacy Marquis XD , 4 Ohm nominal, 95 dB and suggested 15 to 400 watts. I do not wish to clip the LF for the speaker. Looking for an economical and cool running amp that can supply ample power when needed at lowest distortion possible for the $.
Either will work fine and one is not inherently better than the other just slightly different flavors. 
@jackd Value wise ICEpower 1200AS2 wins, what would be the flavor difference that can be characterized. Tech specs looks better on NC500 for an untrained person like me.
Two my ears with my setup the 1200AS wins on the frequency extremes by a small margin and the NCore in the mids.  If you just buy the Ncore from Colin without the upgraded buffer board aren't the prices about the same?  The 1200AS from the descriptions I have read will more closely match the Benchmark if you're still going in that direction.
@jackd One NC500 only can drive one speaker. One 1200AS2 can drive two speakers, I do not think anyone is making modules with one 1200AS1. Thanks for your response. Yes I have Benchmark AHB2. This will be for center channel, I am hoping to get a stereo class D amp also to compare. Going with NC500 will mean spending twice as much. 

The manufacturers of the amps think Hypex NC500 implementations sound better. Also NC500 has no problem with 2 Ohm load, but 1200AS2 min load is 2.7 Ohm and it is mentioned to me by a source that it may struggle with big multi-way floor standers that dip to low impedance for certain frequencies.
That's my opinion which you asked for.  Not going to engage in another technical facts, theories and a source said discussion. 
NC500 is said to be very transparent and there are several buffer implementations that may add their "house sound": Sonic Imagery and Sparkos both have DIP8 and larger sized opamps, Hattor and Marantz PM10 have their custom buffers, etc. Difficult to generalize the NC500 when the buffer can be so different, right?
As for the 1200AS the ICEpower already has input buffer in it, so all implementations should sound very similar, changing only chassis, cables and connectors. Mivera has different possibilities to build to different price points.
1200AS seems the best value, although Apollon and Nord sell both and say the NC500 has the better sound quality.

You really cannot trust what people who sell both modules say about the sound. They were selling the more expensive Ncore amps long before the less expensive 1200AS came out. If they said that the Ice was better they would lose all their stock of chassis and amps and input stages and power supplies used in the more expensive Ncore implementations. I am not saying which is best. Just saying. I have read of two A/Bs where the stock 1200AS2 was preferred over the Nord one up NC500. What I will be selling is tweaked mono 1200AS1s. The tweaking here is extreme. These sound nothing like a stock stereo module in a box. Of course, you cannot trust a word I say, as I am the seller. However, my amps will have a 30 day in house money back guarantee. Everyone can hear for themselves. You can trust your ears!

By the way, there is no one that I know of that has found the 1200AS modules not able to drive their speaker (and I mean super loud!). I don’t know anyone who has tested the modules for power at lower impedances. The 2.7 ohm minimum by IcePower on the spec sheet is probably just a conservative rating because they intend to sell these super high powered modules to PA users and sub amp manufacturers (you don’t want your amps going into protection in the middle of a concert!!!). 2.7 ohms is three 8 ohm speakers in parallel. I will be testing the modules at 2.7 ohms and at 2 ohms and will let everyone know how they do. I expect the protection circuits will come into play here. I am guesstimating around $1400 watts into 2.7 and around 1000 into 2.....then they shut off. I could be way off here....we shall see.

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Personally if I were to choose the 1200AS I definitely would have chosen to use 2 of them, one for each channel, for maximum power reserves (1.200W in 4 ohms is crazy), power supply headroom and channel separation. The boards are not big, so that using 2 of them in a single chassis is still doable. Ghent Audio has a chassis for 1 or 2 modules, very convenient.

Now we definitely need more end users with experience with both NC500 and 1200AS to report their findings. Or reviews comparing them too.