How fair is this?

I just noticed a interesting auction. The seller states that his item is listed on both Audiogon and Ebay. And which ever site gets the highest bid, wins. Maybe its just me, but I am hoping he gets no bids on either site.
Fair has nothing to do with it, once an auction is ended it is considered a contract between two parties.
Brian is right on the money. If the seller clearly states taking best possible offer, then there is no grey line. The best offer gets it.
It's just you. The seller is just trying to get the best price. I can't see any problem with this. If you really want it enter your bid on both websites.
It does seem odd to have two auctions on the same item. I'd be dissappointed if I was the winner on the one auction that comes out lower priced than the other auction. At least the seller is up front about it.
He will automatically be committed to two buyers and that spells trouble.