How good is Muse 11 universal player?

Anyone who have compared it to other Universals? I have a Muse9 sign and its very good. It can be upgraded to 11 status. But perhaps is the Esoteric DV 50 better? Where I live in Europe I cant compare myself.
Hey, we sent a few emails back and forth regarding a Muse 9 sig. Which we both owned. Anyway, I sold my 9 sig a year or so ago and just bought a DV50. I can say, the DV50 is much superior to the 9 sig in redbook. I've never heard deatail, air, space this good in digital. SACD is even better.

The video section has much better depth (visual) than the 9 sig, slightly better detail, but the depth gives the images a wonderful 3d quality to them. DVD's sound super, better than the Muse again-not huge, but you'll hear things better.

Now the cosmetic part, the DV50 is built far superior to the muse. Like a piece of fine jewelry next to a wal-mart $50 watch. It's really a joy to use. You'll almost push the buttons to hear it work.

Good luck
Thanks Jfrech! I just wonder why there are no test of the MUSE players nowdays in USA. I havent seen one in years!
Your welcome, I'm not as concerned about the reviews as much as you just don't see anything on the 11. Nothing here or at Audio Asylum. The Esoteric has plenty of feeback-most prety darn postive. Good luck to you...