How good is the Marantz SA-7S1?

I have read a couple of rave reviews of this Marantz SACD Player. I have seen very little about this player on Audiogon. I would like to read the reaction of people who have heard this player or own it. Any comparisons would be helpful to other digital equipment that you have heard as well.
I ordered one last week. They are backordered currently at Marantz. It should ship in 1-2 weeks, and I will post my impressions. I am listening to a Mcintosh demo mcd201,(mcd301 is the new replacement from Mcintosh), Wow, it sounds good. Really warm and great body - hope the Marantz sa7s1 is not to sterile for my system.
I sold my overweight overpriced in the U.K. SA-7S1 as I found my 20 year old modified CD94 sounded just as good if not better both on RB & SACD. The SA-7S1 should have been a multi-channel player which I hear Marantz will shortly launch.
can anyone compare with other marantz players like sa14- recent models? any differences?
Just for the sake of picking only red apples here. I heard
the Esoteric X01 D2 last week , and was very impressed. My
priority was hearing the amp in the system at the time, but
I have since been looking in to the Esoteric's. I would like to know how the X03 at $7800 would compare to the
Marantz SA-7S1 in the same price range. I know the SA-7S1
is a major player, so this is a good fit in this thread.
I would still appreciate to hear of any opinions on
Esoteric Vs. Marantz in general.