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Is two Subs better than One?
how do you hookup 2 subs to a preamp or processor? 
sub distortion?
who's in charge of audiogon? 
sub distortion?
I think bass replacement. Sub was plugged between the poweramp and preamp. maybe room placement was a problem. I noticed asc sells a subwoofer stand. Is this a good idea? they say it prevents vertical nodes 
Subwoofer: How low should I go?
I don't recommend sub if its not setup properly 
sub distortion?
Thanks Bob-reynolds. My bookshelfs go to 55Hz or 65Hz. I was using a sub for music fixed from 80hz and below , is that too high? It didn't sound that good. 
sub distortion?
agree Shadorne. So I am confused when some say add sub for music! 
kef 102 and 103 differences
yes. I think they can be used for surrounds, but do they match 104, 105? (many versions) 
400W amp under $2000
Also less than 10 years old when built. 
400W amp under $2000
No- ref1000 is evo1. I had m300 
400W amp under $2000
bob_reynolds- something about grounding. you can check. sub company went out of business so I don't know my specs. 
How hot is too hot?
Can you/your handyman install a portable fan? Because many amplifiers have fans, I noticed, unless you don't care about longevity. 
bel canto vs classe amps
Mac mini vs Macbook PC audio sound quality
thanks abe av that was very insightful 
future of 2 channel CD sound
if music will be via downloads, not discs does that mean musicians can sell direct to consumer, and big record labels won't need to exist?charging consumers more and absorbing musicians' profits? 
How good is the Marantz SA-7S1?
can anyone compare with other marantz players like sa14- recent models? any differences?