How good was/is the ZETA arm

How does the ZETA arm compare to current stellar performers such as the Graham, Immedia and SME arms?
I used a Zeta with a Michell Gyrodec and a Denon MC with transformer.
Sound was super.
I would rate it as good as SME arm with such cartridges.
Zeta is strictly a medium to low-mass tonearm. It became popular after Sumiko stopped making The Arm and started jacking up the Shure prices.
If you are a MC fan and track around 2 grams, I would say it is hard to beat a Zeta.
presently using zeta,on a linn lp12.tracks great,real strong and accuate anti skate. was designed to compete with the linn ittok arm.was 1200.00 in its day.would sound close to a jmw memorial arm at 2200.00