How Is This Possible? Must be Counterfeits

I just stumbled upon this website and they have branded products such as Nordost and Audioquest at about 10% of the normal retail.  How is this even possible and if they are indeed fakes, how come companies like Nordost do not sue them? Truly puzzling.


Selling the Bridge of San Francisco for a price as low as $ 60K is not a scam if you believe that you own the bridge and no one can contradict you because you live in Australia and it make you feel good.. Trust me i can sell it right now for this price...I will wait for those interested ...😊

Nordost selling a cable for $60k is not a scam if you believe that it makes your system sound better.

Cables with very high price appear to me as a scam of his own for very rich people able to call that a good deal because it make "a difference" ...

Anything can make a difference ... Legally or not ... Legitimate or not ...

How about my own cable i may sell 100K bucks only , why not ? i modified them with my secret mixture (shungite+quartz+copper ) ? 😊

Nobody ready to buy multi thousand dollars cable dare to try my simple experiment ... i trust myself ONLY my experiment ... At peanuts costs ...

@audphile1 I was given the kopi luwak beans as a gift, and i have to say, nothing special. 

A couple years ago I had some Cardas Cygnus speaker cables that I bought from a dealer new.  I wanted my interconnects to match but wasn't ready to shell out the cash so bought them from Ali.  I knew they were fake but thought why not try.  Part of the cable upgrade for me is aesthetics.  Well, the aesthetics were alright but the sound was NOT.  I had modest Audioquest King Cobra IC at the time and the sound got very shrill and lost life.  I was impressed that they allowed me to return them for a full refund without any fuss.  

Let me tell you my story wt Chinese clones.

Three years ago I bought some Chinbese Odin for $150 for a friend's system. Of course it sounded "okay", looking mysteriously close to the OEM. But the main body's plastic wouldn't flex as does pure FEP (Teflon). Indeed, it was cheap extruded PE...milk jugs! But I decided to explore further, buying a meter of the stuff and comparing jumpers made from it on my ref speakers, which had "enjoyed" Nordost SPM for decades. Couldn't pass an AB/X. So I carefully slit off ALL the outer cheap PE body, leaving a loose ribbon of individual plated Cu conductors that indeed had a very thin FEP cover on each. least they paid lip service to that inner dielectric. Further, the coiled synthetic red "spacer" was identical to Nordost's. So I taped up these now-semi-naked strands and repeated the demos. Still no delta. Finally, I skinned off ALL the FEP  and red spiral-wrap, gently and lightly taping the flat and naked array in the same geometry as original (and OEM). STILL no difference in sound.  Eventually I bought some pure solid 20AWG silver strands, stuffed them in air tubes, wrapped as a star-quad (net 14AWG), using nice spades, and VOILA, all the solver-PLATED-copper crap I'd been listening to disappeared! Ok...this isn't a thread about conductor metals nor my ArgentPur startup, but about the extent to which a Chinese shop cloned Odin...except for the big bulky carcass. But to this day I continue to have disdain for ANY and all plated conductors.

I bought a bi-amp speaker cable set from Aliexpress  , so four cables, the Odin branded with the wood block and spade connectors. The cables arrived within a week, so that’s a good start

Before the cables were used, it was worth to test the cables for polarity and resistance. So the red had to match with red, and black with black, all cool there.

The resistance measurement told the truth on how these particular cables were made. The resistance measured with a Fluke 289 in relative mode varied from 1 ohm to 80 ohms. The branded Furutech connector was heatshrinked onto the cable, and the clamping screw just spun and stripped, so clamping the cable was useless.

The vendor was sceptical that the readings wouldn’t affect the sound, but eventually saw reason and granted a full refund. They paid for the return shipping to a local agent.

So now, have bought Furutech a36 diy cable, connectors, and the same spade furutech connectors as the Odin, let’s see how that works.