How long do the electronics last before a service?

I know I will get various answer, but are there any simple rule? I am aiming for the used equipment (especially integrated amp). Say if I get a 5 years old integrated amp. How long will it last with me (presumeable the previous owner take care of them well) before it needs a service/repaired/calibration?

I would feel awful if I can use a used 1-2k equipment for only a year or two and then need to pay for the service again.

Any rule of thumb on this?

(note that I ask the some question for speakers as well.)


A lot of this depends on how anal you are with the equipment. Keep the original boxes for moving from house to house and USE the boxes. Buy quality components and use the switches, dials, buttons, etc. as meant to be used. Don't be heavy handed with the controls. Keep others away from your equipment.

I have had solid state electronics except for very early in my life. I leave the ss stuff powered up all the time except when I know there is bad weather coming. I then turn everything off and unplug them from the wall. I have experienced power outages and when that happens I turn the equipment off, unplug them and when the power is back on I then plug them back in and power up.

Maybe I'm lucky but I've never had need for service in 35 years. I only recently upgraded for the third time in as many years and know where my used equipment is. It all still works fine.

The above isn't entirely accurate. My latest upgrade in electronics was done because I didn't find listening to be as enjoyable as I remembered. In the end I found that the power supply for my turntable was going out. So, I have actually had one failure in 35 years.
I think your concerns shouldn't be concerns. I have been in this Highend Game for well over twenty years, like Lugnut have never had any failures in that time based on the electronics. I have had switches break due to my carelessness (Theta DAC, very fragile dip switches) comes to mind.

A friend of mine has a Krell KSA100 power amp made in the mid to late 80's, this amp runs so hot Krell even elected to put two fans in them, he uses it daily. This amp has never had any failure or a service. I have told him he should at least replace the fans just for procautionary messures, but he hasn't even done that.

Tube amp equipment is a little different, periodically one does have to have the tubes changed and the amp at that time will need to be re-biased, depending on the amp you would consider, even that can be done by the owner (you). Most tube amp owners (me) like to check the bias more often just because...... Tube preamps, just a tube change every 2-4 years and off you go. Un-like the mass merchandized electronics high-end equipment is not a throw away. Have fun.........Bob