How Long Is Too Long?

I know this forum has tons of experience with all things audio. 

My question to the members is when you send a piece of gear to the manufacturer for repair; what is a reasonable turnaround time? 

I will leave the "company" out for now because I don't want to potentially hurt their business if it's not warranted.

I sent my phono pre and step up device in for repairs four months ago.  It's a small one man operation in California.  Around the time I sent them in, one of his products got a small positive review in Stereophile magazine and he said that since then he's been swamped with orders.  Understandable I guess and good for him.  Not so good for me though.

As I said, I haven't seen my equipment in four months.  Is this considered reasonable?  I called him about a month ago and talked to him directly and he assured me that he would get to my equipment soon.  So far, nothing.  I guess I should have asked what his definition of "soon" is.

I'm happy that he's selling units and business has picked up for him but with his new found success it appears like us early supporters are being left out in the cold. 

I know my hands are tied at this point and I do have a back up phono pre of lower cost and quality so I haven't been without the ability to play records.  

I appreciate any thoughts or advice.  




I sent my Quicksilver phono preamp from Connecticut to California for repair. It took a total of two weeks . BTW, I was not the original owner and I was not charged except for my shipping cost one way. BTW, QS is a small company!


No, I don't have to pay for the repairs. That's good I guess but the question now is, is it worth it?  

I've been casually looking at used phono pre's on this site and USAudiomart as I may just write it off as a loss until I get it back and then I can decide if I want to sell it or not..  


Fortunately, my phono pre is not in the same class as yours.  I would be really pissed if it was and I had to wait so long.  LOL!

Four months is a long time. But with a tiny business, well, he has to make choices. Hopefully if you ever get it back, then he will not charge you. 

Unfortunately, you can probably get results by being the squeaky wheel.