How many of you are digital only systems?

I currently have an all digital setup, streaming and stored digital files and ripped CD’s on my Innuos Zen mkIII via Chord Qutest to a PrimaLuna EVO 400i. I have been contemplating adding analog to my system, like a Clearaudio concept table. I am NOT hear to debate which one is better, so please don’t turn it into that, I understand the differences. How many of you are digital only? If you listen to digital as well, please tell me why. Is it because of sonic qualities or just the nostalgic reasons of spinning vinyl. I just don’t know if I want a turntable because it would be new gear to play with or if I think it has sonic qualities that I am missing with digital. I would have to buy new vinyl as I really only have a few of my albums from when I was teenager in the 80’s. Maybe I should just put the money towards upgrading digital components, even though I love my Qutest/Zen combo, I could move up in their line?? Am I missing something truly special in the audio world if I’m all digital? Thanks for your thoughts 
"Am I missing something truly special in the audio world if I’m all digital?"

One reason to have the ability to play the format vinyl is that there is albums that never got released in a digital format. So if you want to hear it you need a TT. So that is a "truly special" reason. But as understandable it is mostly true for "little bit older" releases. 🥳👍

Think of some obscure local bands that gave out albums that was gone later on when digitalization were on it's way. Also recordings of historical events when they were were performed (war, royal weddings, moon, comedy and others).

It is easier to know that version you are listening to and from were it come from. And you have the possibility of compare with an earlier release that is on vinyl.

You truly miss out to nerd 🤓 into and waste a lot of time and money. It is a rabbit hole or a nice hobby depending on how you see it and what you want out of it.
 Almost totally digital...Well my low fi. Ish Phillips 212 turntable died in the late 1990' a minidisc ....that died in 2005.....sold most of my albums in 2015, and just this week got the last 30 of them ready to sell.I guess realizing that I will never have a turntable again, plus the fact that of those 30 impossible to replace records....all but 3 are on Spotify has just freed me of the burden of hanging on to my last albums.Now I have to let go ( or recreate) my 40 years of cassette mix tapes!!!!
I own both, I listen to 98% streaming

If I were just starting this hobby I wouldn't invest in any physical media - records or CDs

Hard for me to ignore the benefits of streaming price performance, bang for the buck, convenience, mobility and the vast libraries of available hi-res content including new releases

It helps to have an audiophile grade network as your transport
I'm fully digital, with my sources being Amazon Music HD via Echo, and ripped CDs and Bandcamp FLAC downloads via laptop running MusicBee. I run digital because it's more convenient, it doesn't take up space, it's cheaper, most of the music I listen to isn't released on vinyl anyway and digital is an inherently more accurate medium. I sold all my vinyl and most of my CDs. I see no reason for physical media anymore. And someone starting vinyl now also incurs the additional steep cost of the turntable and cartridge, whereas my laptop was $149 and my Dot was $19.
I am into both vinyl and digital.  From a cost standpoint there is no debate that bang for the buck digital is the only way to go.  I think that vinyl has a more natural, organic sound but the cost for the improvement ... not worth it.  However many of us are in this hobby, like many hobbies not for the cost but for the sheer enjoyment.  Just in my vinyl rig, turntable, cartridge, step-up transformer and phono section, I have over $25k and that is without buying any records.