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Do you trust your ears more than measurements?
I trust the measurements. At this point, audio is not a mystery to science. It knows how to measure the whole frequency spectrum. It knows what the vast majority of people prefer. And it knows about people's proclivity towards cognitive dissonance... 
Please be gentle with me! 🙏
Songs you use when auditioning gear
Tiger Prowl - Cualli (EDM) Steamer Lane Breakdown - Doobie Brothers  (acoustic) Deathamphetamine - Exodus (metal) Sad But True - Metallica (drums) I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt (vocals)  
Best Covers
Exhorder's cover of Black Sabbath's Into The Void. They gave this song the maximum heaviness it always deserved. The picks that stand out to me above are Disturbed's Sound Of Silence and Hendrick's All Along The Watchtower.  
Favorite Obscure Rock Song
@mitchagain Trapeze... the most underrated album of the 70's. I remember that nobody knew this album even back in the day. My pick would be the song Jury.  
Did your system getting better the more money you spent or more experience you gained?
Knowledge has been far more important than money spent. In some ways it's an inverse relationship.  
The subwoofer site we don't talk about enough
I found that site about 10 years ago. Unfortunately, and expectedly, the selection of tested subs is limited. For instance, I wanted small but powerful subs for both my home theater system and 2-channel system. Unobtrusive is important to me. Data... 
What to do with a large collection
I sold my CDs in bulk to Dclutter.com, but they were rock. Not sure about their ability to take classical, but it's worth a shot.  Keep in mind that LPs can be shipped media mail. I actually sold my remaining 50 LPs to someone on this forum and s... 
Is there such a thing as a good medium priced music streamer?
For ease of use you could always stream from an Amazon Echo device by voice. That's what I do. In addition, I play my own library from a laptop. Both go through a Play-Fi-enabled preamp, which you can find on the DTS Play-Fi website. I recently do... 
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
@acman3 I actually already picked my selection on page 2 of this thread, Trees of Eternity. The second 2016 album I was referring to above is the most interesting guitar album of the last 30+ years Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human.  
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
No greater evidence exists that this hobby is dying than these types of threads. It seems the average age of albums selected is probably around 45-50. And before you say there's no great music now, that is not true. It's just a lot harder to find ... 
Do people tire of audio forums?
I think it depends on your personality type. As a Sigma, I tend to become very involved in a hobby or project to the point of some level of mastery, then I move on to the next. I may still be involved in the old hobby, but not to the extent I used... 
Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
Trees of Eternity - Hour of the Nightingale I've had it 7 years and it still gives me goosebumps every time I play it.  
Have you asked yourself this question?
Did it years ago. Got rid of the physical digital media too. A lot less clutter now.  
Do you think driver “break in” is real?
@erik_squires  Exactly. Within minutes. Certainly not the "break-in" that people talk about or need to worry about. Several custom speaker builders and kit makers have run this test on drivers so they could get accurate "broken in" specs. I read t...