How many with analog rigs only?

I recently moved into a new house. My system consists of OL Aurora TT, Musical Fidelity int. amp, NAD cde player and tuner. I really only listen to lps so I didnt setup th other components-just an amp and TT. I like it and I dont intend to add a cd player anytime soon (I will listen to cds in the car). How many of you listen to TT only, at least for your main/critical listen pleasure?
Vinyl only when I listen. My wife sometimes puts on the CD changer for background music.
I did until I managed to get my digital up to snuff a couple years back after fine tuning my vinyl rig and then added a music server as well.

I have a lot of good music on vinyl only so I would listen to it more if I had the time to deal with playing records but I do not so these days I spend way more time listening to digital than vinyl.

Both sound pretty spot on to my ears in general so the sound of the format itself is not a big factor for me these days.

I would give vinyl a slight edge in general perhaps for classical recordings and digital the nod in general for more electric/electronic, though individual recording quality can sway that either way on a case by case basis.
All vinyl, all the time now. I do plan on setting up my horn system with digital only.
Look.... Cds are fine for casual listening..lets say having a dinner party or entertaining I will put on cds for convenience. Being a control junky with my analogue rig I would not want to get food,alcohol,any foreign matter on my lps while entertaining/cooking, or let others control this delicate matter. When I want critical listening I will always opt for vinyl rig. For shear convenience and stress free listening....put on the cds man!!
same here, clearaudio concept , arcam integrated amp and grado phones. for when i really want to listen, otherwise isnt it all backround music anyway? imo.