How Piglet Feels

I posted something simlar at AA< and it all holds true for A'gon as well.

Let me tell, I was the Killer Piglet during the early computer years.
On the net, I have NEVER been KP except in Unreal Tournament with my friends on-line.
I love the net, I've made a pretty decent living off computers.
But I always found the net very impersonal.
So I was never KP.

Until I got into audio.
Now I can be The Killer Piglet again.
It's something trivial, sure, but very personal to me.

I thank the entire audiophile net community for this.
Here an at the AudioAsylum, what fun I have.
That's another great place. Only two sites were you will find KP.

But the question KP is how did you come up with this moniker? It doesn't envolve some act from your frat days, perhaps a kidnapping of a mascot going to far?? We need to know!!!! ~Tim
It's easy to find out if you're from the Caribbean. It's related to "Chona, la puerca asesina", a comic books character! Chona is a female killer piglet. There's even decals you can buy on stores...
Psychicanimal, I never heard of that!
Please tell me more, that is just too funny!

The scoop: when I was a youngster, the neighborhood kids would get together to play street football. We had a failrly large group, and we started getting challenges from other groups of kids.
So we decided we needed a name. Since I'm the silly one, I had two canditates: Killer Piglet and Killer Sardine.
We went with Killer Piglets.
When I bought my first compuer (C64) and 300 baud (!) Modem, I needed a handle.
Well, that was easy then!

Man, I love that Chona tie-in!
Any links?

Glad you feel so good about being on KP duty, so to speak.
You're one of the few that makes me laugh regularly around here. Thanks!

I remain,
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