How to best isolate TT from vibration?

Hi all:

I'm currently using a Systemdek IIX table, which has a floating suspension system. I have it on a Atlantis Reference rack, but have replaced the top shelf with a 18" x 18" x 2" brick paver, and use (8) Vibrapod 4's under the table itself to prevent vibration. I still suffer from some skipping unless I walk ever so softly in my music room, most noticably at the beginning of an LP. I'm looking for input regarding what you fine members consider to be the best, but yet economical, methods of isolating this table and nixing this problem. Thanks,

You've heard it from Lolo, Nsgarch and Newbee.
I'm an architect and they all speak the truth....and yes.....if you can mount off a masonry wall, all the better! didn't sound like that when it was in my head???
I've got to learn to read what I write!!???