How to bias output tubes on Golden Tube SE 40

I have a friend who needs to replace the output tubes in his Golden Tube SE 40 amplifier. Is there a copy of the manual sowewhere online or does anyone know how to bias the output tubes? Thanks for any help...Robert
If no one can help you I have a customer that has one and I can look at his owners manual. I biased one a couple of years ago and it was unusual but not hard. I think you can only let it warm up 5 or 10 min. E mail me at if you can't get help and I will call the customer.
Is it possible that you send me a copy of the manual also.I'll pay for the cost of copying or mailing.Thanks
My E-mail:
A copy of the GTA SE-40 service manual is available at

It includes the proper biasing procedure and tube substitution guide.