How to clean vinyl records

I am new to the vinyl world, and want to know the best way of cleaning records. I don't have a large buget for a record cleaning machine but would like to know the methods that are being used by others on here. Any help would be great .

thanks in advanced 

Hmm, I cant imagine submerging a record in liquid!  I highly recommend saving a little cash over time and seeking a used record cleaning machine such as an entry level nitty gritty, Okki Nokki, or VPI, which run $300-$400 for a used one.   If that budget is not realistic, there is a system called spin clean for about $120 that looks both interesting and budget friendly.  Look on eBay, there are spin clean models there now.

while I was checking out eBay for you, I came across something very clever called the UFO record cleaner. It looks like a water tight seal that clamps over the label area to allow wet cleaning without a machine.  less than $50.  That could be a great budget start into cleaning, and let the more expensive machine come later.
The Disc Doctor Miracle Record Cleaner is a hand-cleaning system that works very well.  A little practice is required, and hand cleaning takes more time than a loud record cleaning machine, but is not necessarily less effective if done well.  
Thanks very much for all the tips, in the end I opted for a  professional LP record solution and cleaning kit. Also comes with micro cloths and stylus cleaner. All for £15.95. 
I have looked at some of the other products, and will posibly look for something else when my bank balance allows it . 
Thanks again for all the input . :-)
One word: steam. It is the universal safe solvent. All else just makes it more efficient.