How to connect Tidal to DAC wireless via iPad

Hi system; amp, cary audio sl80 f1 sig, phone pre amp Manley Chinook, TT- VPI classic 3 w/ koetsu black cartridge, DAC audio mirror troubadour se III, Cullen cables, fritz carbon Ii speakers. Question; using iPad wired direct to DAC via USB cable. I am new to digital. Is there a way to connect my iPad running Tidal via wireless device and still retain quality of sound that I am accustomed to? Thank you. Do not want to upgrade any components as they all seem to work well together. Thank you.
I connect my router to my little wireless streamer wirelessly. No physical connection to my router required. Just connects via my wireless network as an ‘access point’. It can connect via cat5, but I don’t use it that way. Doubt it is required with the Node2i either. A wireless internet connection is just fine for streaming, but you want to stay away from Bluetooth for a quality home system. 
oh, one more thing...your DAC is very good high quality component, but not supporting MQA so if you planning to stream Tidal with it you will miss Tidal’s best quality... think twice before buying streamer... maybe you will benefit from streamer with MQA DAC on board.... something like Lumin D2 or Teac NT-505. 
@surfmuz, your point is well taken on Audio Mirror troubadour se III not being able to support MQA.  But I still play cd's as well with 70% LP'S 15% CD and 15% the extra $2-3k for a top notch streamer is just not in the budget this year 🤔 I went with node 2i...was within my budget and pulled the trigger last night. We will see how it works. Thanks everyone.
Look at the iFi Audio Zen Blue. It pairs with iPads very easy and you have many connection options. It even provides balanced output to your dac.