How to connect Tidal to DAC wireless via iPad

Hi system; amp, cary audio sl80 f1 sig, phone pre amp Manley Chinook, TT- VPI classic 3 w/ koetsu black cartridge, DAC audio mirror troubadour se III, Cullen cables, fritz carbon Ii speakers. Question; using iPad wired direct to DAC via USB cable. I am new to digital. Is there a way to connect my iPad running Tidal via wireless device and still retain quality of sound that I am accustomed to? Thank you. Do not want to upgrade any components as they all seem to work well together. Thank you.
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Buy a streamer. You can use your tablet for control and enjoy better SQ.
My guess is that anything else will sound worse.
Pretty sure that a naked microrendu will sound better than any non dedicated device.
They were $429 yesterday $569 today.
Tomorrow who knows?
Check out the Dayton Audio WBA28. Very inexpensive, but works. I have an older model which allows me to connect my iPad/iPhone Tidal app wirelessly to this unit, and it then connects to my older PS Audio DAC that has no wireless connection. I use the optical connection available.

It also has an app which allows you to connect to a wireless server if you have one, which I also do, but more rare. You can also use their app to connect to Tidal, but I never do, and connect directly with my Tidal app on my iPad. Just select the WBA as your source on the iPad and you are ready to go.

In this way you can keep what you have. If you decide on a dedicated streamer down the road, not much of a loss.
The weak link you have now is using the iPad to push the signal to the DAC. Tablets and laptops are noisy and that noise gets into the signal. I agree that a streamer would be a big improvement. I went from sending Tidal etc from a laptop via USB to my DAC and when I moved to a streamer I was quite surprised at the improvement in sound. And then you need no wire attached to the Ipad. The streamer app on the tablet talks to the streamer via wifi for song album choices. But the signal is pulled into the streamer directly from the NET avoiding the Ipad electronics. If you can, it seems best to connect the streamer directly to your internet with a cat5 or better cable as opposed to via wifi.
You can try this out with a Node2i for not much $. You will be happy. And at some point you can upgrade the streamer as needed. But your  troubadour se III is a great DAC and I  would send the streamer to your DAC for sure.
I use an Arcam rPlay which connects directly to my router with an ethernet cable and accepts an Airplay signal from an iPad via Airplay. I'm using it for Amazon Music HD and the iPad has no interaction with the signal, it's just a control for the Amazon Music HD app. The sound is as good or better as playing from  a CD through the same Bel Canto DAC. The rPlay is no longer distributed but the Audioengine B-Fi works the same way and I know it works with Qobuz so if the Tidal app on the iPad supports Airplay it should work, as well. It's a less expensive solution to a full-on streamer that's perfectly suited for what I'm doing .
Thank you everyone for updating me on what is possible. Looks like I will research buying something that connects direct via cat 5 cable ( I assume that I can use a splitter) to the streaming device and then go directly from my DAC via USB ? (My coax is used to connect my cd). Thanks 
With the Dayton Audio device I use, and it looks like the Arcam unit also mentioned, you can connect wireless via your wireless router. In my case, my router is upstairs, my system down, with no good way to connect directly via cat5 for internet connection. Of course if you can, great. Thus, the very small unit I have can sit in my rack (somewhat hidden actually) connected wirelessly to my router upstairs in my office, and yes, then ‘hardwire’ connected to my DAC. I use the digital RCA to my DAC from my CD player, so for me, the optical is the only other choice, as my old PS Audio DAC only has optical and RCA inputs. The Dayton unit also has USB output, so you could use that as well.
Not all streamers output to USB. But most will out as optical Toslink. And if I am not mistaken, your DAC accepts Toslink as an input. A splitter or hub should be fine to the network cable to the streamer.
After some research and looking at my router it looks like i can connect router via USB to Node2i USB input (right below ethernet connector) from the Node2i i have multiple input options to my Audio Mirror Tubadour DAC. Make sense to everyone? For $500 it seems like good plan without sacrificing quality of sound?
The Node2i is a well respected piece, and should do just fine. To be honest, I just don’t do ‘critical’ listening via streaming to warrant even that cost (usually use Tidal to check out stuff I’m curious about, or might consider purchasing), but what I do stream sounds just fine, in fact very good via my iPad, Tidal, or my server connected by my inexpensive wireless ‘streaming’ unit. I just prefer physical media first and foremost, and that will probably never change.

Good luck, you can’t go wrong with that purchase as a starting point.
Perhaps that could work. I have not seen a router that outputs via USB. Your router may have a USB port for another purpose. But a network cable out to the Node will work for sure.
In my experience the Node2i should be a nice improvement over your current setup. And you can always upgrade down the road.
I connect my router to my little wireless streamer wirelessly. No physical connection to my router required. Just connects via my wireless network as an ‘access point’. It can connect via cat5, but I don’t use it that way. Doubt it is required with the Node2i either. A wireless internet connection is just fine for streaming, but you want to stay away from Bluetooth for a quality home system. 
oh, one more thing...your DAC is very good high quality component, but not supporting MQA so if you planning to stream Tidal with it you will miss Tidal’s best quality... think twice before buying streamer... maybe you will benefit from streamer with MQA DAC on board.... something like Lumin D2 or Teac NT-505. 
@surfmuz, your point is well taken on Audio Mirror troubadour se III not being able to support MQA.  But I still play cd's as well with 70% LP'S 15% CD and 15% the extra $2-3k for a top notch streamer is just not in the budget this year 🤔 I went with node 2i...was within my budget and pulled the trigger last night. We will see how it works. Thanks everyone.
Look at the iFi Audio Zen Blue. It pairs with iPads very easy and you have many connection options. It even provides balanced output to your dac. 
I went with node 2i...was within my budget and pulled the trigger last night. We will see how it works. Thanks everyone..

Congrats, that unit gets very good reviews, and should serve your purpose well.
phill55, if you decided to go with node2 try and test both types of interconnections...

First: node2->digital cable->DAC audio mirror troubadour se III->preamp->etc. 

Second: node2-> rca interconnects cables-> direct to the preamp->etc(without audio mirror troubadour se III directly to the preamp)
plz. let us know which way the Tidal streaming SQ is better. 
Surfmuz - will try both config connects and let you know. Be interesting to see how MQA plays out direct from node2 to pre-amp. TO everyone else, will post results later in terms of ease of use, set up (I am a true digital neophyte - and I am in the IT consulting industry!!) and above all sound quality. 
i am looking for a affordable tablet that can stream via bluetooth aptX HD and other high res codecs to a Zen Blue Dac from Tidal via WiFi?  my iPhone and MacBook pro will only due ACC via bluetooth.
Thanks for everyone’s help. I went cat 5 >node2->coax->DAC audio mirror troubadour se III->preamp->etc.
Sounds good to me! Use iPad to connect wireless to router. Hope I connected everything in an ideal configuration? :-) thanks again for everyone’s help!