how to disable volume control on DAC/Pre amp

Have been deciding between two DAC's, Meitner MA-3 and Bricasti M1-SE.  Both have a volume control knobs.  I will using my designated Benchmark LA-4 pre-amp with the winning DAC. I just would like to know, How to by-pass or defeat the Dac's volume control to avoid any mishaps.  Thanks so much as usual. Have read both owners manuals on-line and neither really address the question. Or, I am missing something???   Thanks for your help as usual. Robert


While you have both hooked together, and turned off, have the Pre`s volume turned all the way down and the DAC`s volume turned all the way up. Your DAC`s volume is not attenuating the signal while the Pre`s volume is. 

Then, turn both on, and operate the LA-4`s volume control as you would normally do.

Let me add: While operating as described, and you have too much gain, then, incremently turn down the DAC`s volume to further attenuate the signal.

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Is the mishap you are trying to avoid accidentally turning them both up at once and getting too loud?

I run with 2 volume controls in series all the time and always have one turned up all the way and control with the other one.  there is no increased risk in doing this.

Now if you want to bypass the volume control resistor to improve signal quality, that probably can't be done in a solid state DAC like you could on a point to point wired tube amp.  and you won't have an old fashiioned sliding coil resistor in your DAC causing signal degradation.



Thank you both very much for your posts. Pmm, VERY HELPFUL!! Quite a while back I had a Peachtree Nova 300 Int. Amp. I was using a lap top via USB to the NOVA. The lap tops volume control was MAXX.  Somehow (unknown)  on the nova 300, I activated the Home theater  function, turning the volume over to the Computer which was again, Maxx volume. I couldn't move fast enough, and turned unit off, no pun intended. I was very lucky not to have blown a tweeter, let alone anything else. As a result, never forgot that. Aagain Thanks, Robert TN  

Now back to trying to decide between DAC's. Now leaning slightly towards Bricasti  as it has 3 linear power supplies, where as the Meitner has one switching supply. Don't know enough about electronics to really understand if that means much. Both are excellent units. Pulling hair out as we speak. Thanks all