How to get most from Emerald Physics CS2.3

I am looking for opinions about what would yield the best results in improving an already great speaker.  I am considering three options: 1) Replace the Behringer DCX 2496 with a miniDSP, 2) Replace the midrange and high frequency drivers with more expensive ones, or 3) Replace the Sherbourn PT 7020 (basically an Emotiva UMC-1 with balanced inputs and outputs) with a Marantz 7702 mkII?  I am using REQwizard and tri-amplify the speakers.  There isn't enough processing power to really tri-amplify with the Behringer DCX 2496.  I have additional filters that were applied with the room EQ from the Sherbourn after the best I can do with the Behringer.  I think it sounds really good but interested in what would do the most at my budget which is that of a new Marantz 7702 mkII.