How to make your Denafrips Aries-2 2 better, as well as other dacs

I bought my wife the Aries 2 for Xmas 🎄 I already have much more  $$ dacs 

that being said it is a very natural sounding dac,and great value , to make it noticeably better still a decent power cord $200 range or so is a must , the Pangea  sig mk2  ,using the Cardas -0 crystal copper is a great value and really opens things up. Buy a good AC outlet another plus.

Oregon Papa-RIP  turned me on to these Synergistic Purple fuses , they made a Very Noticeable increase in Bass and resolution across the board $200 each is a bit steep but I can justify it by the improvements give them a solid 200 hours to run in and rule of thumb writing on fuse goes L to R in direction of signal flow When plugging in on the bottom , Left of the ground blade use That as a reference.  And Herbies tube damper Co. Tall tender isolation feet do as you can afford this applies to any dac , unless you want to Spend $500 on still points.