How to protect system from Electrical imbalance

In an all Solid State system, the common practive is to keep all of your electronics on at all times. I guess except for long holidays or vacations.

My questions is that what do you do to protect your system from electrical imbalances. I have found that so many of the power protectors degrade the sound. What do you do to protect your expensive system while not degrading the sound of your system?

I use Purepower's.

They are total regenerators with battery backup. I live in florida and have never had a problem with them in my system, they even significantly improved the sound and video over my other conditioners (Chang Lightspeed)
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As my outlets can only give me 15a or 20a,
the Torus can easily give,50a-400a,and total isolation from the outside power grid.I run 7Bssts and and if run into 4ohms
they would like 16.5a at full power.Blows my HYdras out of the water.Excellent to hear a MAJOR CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.