How to Re-Terminate Ribbon Speaker Wires?

I've a pair of 2" flat copper ribbon speaker wires, 10' single-wire with piggy-back jumpers. The spades are very light gauge, though with 8 gauge throats. Does anyone have any advice on re-terminating these? I broke a spade on one main wire the other day and had a rough time trying to take off the stub and re-terminating it.

It looks like the maker (now out of the picture) took the flat 2" wire, cut it into a longish point at the ends, then made a short 1/2" long pigtail out of them. He then made an 8" run for a piggy-back jumper, then shaped the ends of these similarly. It looks like he laid the pigtail of the main wire onto the jumper pigtail, curled them both into half-circle, then crimped the spade onto them. Then wrapped the assembly in Teflon tape. Finally, he used three different diameters of shrink wrap as the ends taper down to the terminations. Does this sound reasonable?

Thanks in advance.