How to replace a B&W nautilus 802 tweeter

If you've replaced a tweeter on your Nautilus 801/802, I'd like to know how. Do I need to take the entire midrange/tweeter head off or does the tweeter somehow unscrew out?

It unscrews. The preforated metal cover unscrews or actually slips off. The tweeter then unscrews... then you screw another one in.

My roommies daughter slipped the cover off and then decided to push the big silvery button. I didn't find out till my buyer told me. Costs around 130.00 back then.

Contact the distrib up in Massechussets though to be certain.
Hi Mskvarenina

On my N801s, the front of the tweeter housing locks on with a partial twist. If you carefully grasp the plastic around the front of the tweeter "bullet" and steady the rear part with your other hand, the front section can be twisted about 15 degrees or so counterclockwise which will loosen it at the second (rearward) visible joint. The tweeter is not screwed in, it is held in place by the removeable front section. Once this section is removed, you can pull the tweeter out far enough to remove the leads which are attached on each side. Reversing this procedure will install the new tweeter. It's pretty simple but handle things carefully.