How to transfer data from external hard drive?

I have an external hard drive (Drobo) that has about a terabyte and a half of music all loaded onto the hard drive through burning cds from Apple Mac Mini. Unfortunately, the mac mini suffered a catastrophic crash and I cannot retrieve data from it. I want to buy a new mac mini and bring the library of song titles and artists from the hard drive, but not the music data files (too large for the mac mini internal hard drive. Anyway I can accomplish this?
First of all you should verify that hard drive from your crashed apple is still OK; Than you'll probably need something like SATA-USB adapter to connect screwd-up drive externally.
At this point you're facing manual transfer of album arts one by one which is huge PIA. For that I'd go to and find/hire one who will put together for you a couple of VB-script(perhaps) lines to transfer them automatically.
The first thing you need to do is access the drive. You need to somehow remove it from the computer, or at the very least, get to it so you have enough room to connect some cables, so it can be powered up and get the data off of it. Check youtube. There's probably a 90% chance that someone has made a video of how to do this. Later, when I have more time, I'll post an easy way for you to try and recover what's on the drive (providing it still works).
If the hard drive in the existing Mac Mini still works, as the others have indicated it can be removed from that computer, connected to the new computer, and the library files copied from it. This inexpensive adapter kit, which I have used a number of times with fine results, would be a good way of connecting the drive to a USB port on the new computer.

-- Al
Thanks to all for your guidance on my data transfer. I will give your suggestions a try.
Cz,Zd & Al. Wish you guys were neighbors. You are very generous & helpful. Very nice to see.
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