How to trigger gear that doesn't have a trigger port (?)

I've been searching for a solution and can't find one - hopefully someone has solved this kind of problem.

I'm using mostly Meridian gear, but this is really a generic problem.  I've got standalone streamer and DAC, and I want to trigger their power to follow the pre/processor. I've found power strips that purport to do this, but when the Meridian pre is powered up, its draw is apparently too low to trigger the power strip; there are a couple of them, out there, that claim they're adjustable, but I'd prefer something like a strip that can take a trigger signal from the Meridian.

I'd like to hear about implementations that could work (before I explore getting someone to build a unit for me); any ideas?




Search for a Belkin Pure AV PF60 on the auction site. They can be found for around $100.

This unit is built like a tank, and will allow you to power on/off your whole system in sequence since it has time delay variability. You can set the unit to turn everything on when you power up the preamp, and have your power amp turn on last to prevent any thumps.



I have a Belkin unit as shown above but there should be others on the market with 3.5mm/ 1/8” input trigger ports to control one of its outlets.

Something like this from Panamax or another from a cheaper mfr:





Thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up ordering a Belkin PF31. The Panamax looked nice but wasn't in price proportion to the devices being triggered.