How would you spend my next $5K?

How would you spend my next $5K?

Here is my current wishlist and system.  Where would you put you/my next $5K? I find nothing deficient in my system.  However, in my experience the right upgrade or tweak can bring surprising.  

What would you do?

1. Amp - Upgrade current Transparent Reference PC 

2. Upgrade legacy Syn Res Element Copper RCA

3. Upgrade Wireworld Gold and Platinum BNCs to WAVE BNCs (or just one pair?)

4. Tannoy Super tweeters

5. External LPS for M Scaler (DAVE SJ LPSU rocks!)

6. Second sub

7. Decent starter analog rig.  

This is my current setup-

Tannoy Kensingtons 

Single REL S/812 

Pathos InPol Heritage MK2 integrated

Innuos Zenith MK3 - PhNET - PhUSB


San Jacobs DC4ARC LPSU

Transparent PowerIsolator

OPTO Galvanic isolation 

Mostly Transparent cables 




@helomech      +1   The issue with room acoustic treatment is the difficulty/expense and aesthetics that can prove overwhelming to many Audiophiles. Look how many "Agon systems" have that dreaded large flat screen TV prominently showcased. Since the OP never mentioned room treatments or dedicated power lines that would IMO make the most improvement.

Room is the issue for me to add components, but for the money, eh, maybe a bit more, a Naim Uniti with a 20 terabyte drive.  A local dealer that sells it would include his entire library, 16 terabytes of hi def music.  Music of every kind mostly ripped from the thousands of LPs they have and a host of other things that would take too long to describe.

Extra S/812 sub and some bass traps. After that, change out all your Transparent cables. They all add to muddiness of the bass. No bass detail albeit they add some airiness to the upper registers since they pressurize the room with their boominess. I’ve been extremely disappointed with Transparents. Most cables at 1/4-1/6 the price are much better.

More music. You have arrived after moving everything away from the speakers, Great system by the way!