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Whats playing on your system today?
Beyonce 2013, One of the best filled with beautiful music.  
low frequencies
James633 thanks for sharing those thoughts. You have a lot of experience which is always nice to hear about. I was able to get much better sounding bass from a seated listening position by putting the couch further away from the speakers. Now at 1... 
Tune of the Day
King Crimson   -   Sartori in Tangier , Released on the Beat album 1982  
My favorite classical recordings
Chopin "Etudes" played by Frederic Pollini  Brahms "Symphonies" Otto Klemperer        
Help me find a pre-amp
Try a BAT VK-33SE tube pre or a VTL TL5.5 tube pre. They're a step above the rest in that price range. The BAT has a mono switch that sounds better with some material like King Crimson Red album for example. maybe Rogue Audio RP7  
PASS Labs Power
awesome jaytor, Thanks for the input. Appreciate it  
What to do with dead equipment
olyaudio, Try and trade in for newer model especially if you enjoy the BAT sound. I sold a old VK-3ix on Ebay for 70% new when I bought it so the used market is healthy and alive    
Is toeing speakers a bad idea?
From my listening chair, It helped the low bass when I toed in my speakers but soundstage gets a little bit smaller. I rotate them straight ahead any time I get the itch for a component upgrade. 😂  
What to do with dead equipment
I think a lot of used stuff here for sale is repaired gear. I'm only speaking from experience with my Ayre CD and VTL TL2.5  which both had issues shortly after I bought used   
PASS Labs Power
Always heard great things about them. Never listened as nobody around here does a demo using PASS LABS, I got this on a blind buy from and it has really beat my expectations. Meaty and Detailed lol   I especially like the binding post for the sp... 
Preamp headphone amplifier
Great system and taste in bands. Enjoy the music!  
Young audiophile metal head looking to level up speaker choice
I think that a floor standing full range speaker will be better with 7in woofer at least for good bass. Maybe take the rogue to a good dealer with a proper listening room and see a few options. You will most likely hear a speaker that really sings... 
Preamp headphone amplifier
Congrats! those are probably going to sound pretty sweet. Sennheiser makes great headphones and those are rated at 103dB sensitivity.  Looks like the No.526 has a low / high setting for the headphone amp output so may see how that sounds to your ... 
standby mode
Good to know that yogiboy. Thank you   
standby mode
I don't believe so stereo5, Thanks for the tip! The amp does generate a lot of heat This is most likely a repair job if I can't find a issue with the wall outlet or XLR input cables