HT Bypass on preamp

I'd like to ask if I'm reading this correctly. Can someone tell me on an Ayre or Pass Labs preamp when connecting a surround receiver through the HT Bypass input on the preamp, is the amp for the front channels receiving the signal from the preamp or the surround available receiver. In layman's terms is the sound coming from the preamp to the amp to the speakers or is the surround A/V receiver pushing the amp? This of course would matter for the preamp having much better sound than the A/V receiver. 
The L/R preamp outs from the prepro go to the HT bypass input on the stereo preamp, so only the stereo pre is directly connected to the amp powering the front L/R speakers for both HT or 2-channel audio.  That's basically it. 

BTW, you don't necessarily need to limit yourself to stereo preamps with an HT bypass input.  Any unused line-level input will work, you just need to set a reference volume level on the stereo pre so it matches volume with your other HT channels (usually use 12:00 when setting channel balance to make it easy).  Anyway, hope this helps. 
The 2ch preamp in bypass mode is simply passing the signal from your processor. In this mode, the volume control on the preamp is disabled so that the A/V receiver volume control is used to drive your L/R speakers and amp. 
Some preamps just set the volume level to unity gain and pass the HT signal through the normal signal path. Other preamps direct the HT inputs directly to the outputs, bypassing the preamp circuitry. You need to look at each preamp to learn exactly what it does with the HT bypass input.
Setting unity gain is a simply way to do HT Bypass and is therefore very common. In that case the volume is control by the receiver but the direct connection to the power amp is from the preamp circuits. As soix says, you can create your own HT Bypass using any input and a known setting that is unity gain.

The Ayre K-5xe(MP) manual describes HT Bypass as setting the volume to unity gain and disabling the volume control. Not sure if that applies to all Ayre preamps, but it is quite possible that is a common design.

The Pass Labs XP-30 manual also describes HT Bypass as setting unity gain. Again, I am not sure if that applies to all Pass Labs products, but it is quite possible it does.

My preamp (Cary SLP-05) actually reroutes the signal through a hardwired connection directly from the HT input to the output, thereby bypassing the circuitry  It fact, you can do HT Bypass with the preamp off. When you power it down, it sets the relay to do the hardwired bypass. This can save having to have the preamp on when using the receiver.

Either method works and I am not sure there is really an advantage other than the hardwired bypass option allows you to have the preamp power off when using the home theater.