ht speaker challenge

I currently have def tech 7002 w powered subs along with 2 def tech super cube II's. The biggest problem i had in the beginning was getting the internal subs to blend with the super cubes II. There is a phase control on the super cubes but was still tricky. Given the cost for my entire speaker set up( 7.1 ht approx 5k) I am blown away by the soundstage that i now have. I am aware they aren't considered audiophile speakers, but if someone wants to get into hometheater ( myself 80% ht 20% music) these are a no lose purchase. I am lucky enough to have a wife who allowed me to use our finished basement for a dedicated ht set up. I will actually go out on the limb and challenge anyone to compare "cost to overall sound" and see if they can come close. I think the internal subs in the def techs are what makes them the "home theater speaker deal of the century"....Just my 2 cents...
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6 Roark Douglas IZT-4's with 2 IZT-12 subs....

$5000.... Your system may play a little louder but does not have the accuracy and lack of distortion of the above system. The image quality and lack of grain and sibilance seperates these budget speakers from the rest of the pack. Besting ATC Concept 7's, Merlin TSM, Proac's and DALI Ikon 2's and other speakers in and above their price range.
6 Blue Sky Sat 6.5's w/(2) sub 12's, lacking the overall transparency of the RD IZT4's these remarkably flat honest powered monitors only require the likes an Arcam AVP700 and a nice DVD player to make a ridiculously high end sounding studio grade system. This system will play louder than the Def techs by several dB and simply give you almost unflappable output to extreme levels you can expect from a $5000 speaker system. Compared to the likes of Vandersteen 2c, VCC system or Wilson Cub's, no excuses need to be made for a system that simply is worth twice the asking price.

For example you can play the opening of Star Wars III at reference THX levels and the only thing that is straining in the theater system is the room. A remarkable system.

$4800----$7000 with B&K Reference 50 or Arcam


Some disadvantages built into your system;

1. The subs built into the main speakers means that you do not have the flexibility of proper placement within the room, unless you are very fortunate...which could be the case.

2. Bipoles are not ideal surround speakers, you have twice the speakers at half the quality versus the competition and your processor is not designed to compensate for the reflections your main speakers create.

I hope the moderators realize you set out the "challenge", and don't edit my post. I have other systems, but let me say you have every right to be happy with that system just avoid the system above and you'll never regret your purchase.
d edwards,

great system. I must have been in a bad mood the day i posted this. Like you said, i didnt read an article or listen to anyone on the gon when i purchased my speakers. The ears were my only influence. I think Def tech gets one one the worst bashings of any speaker out there. I know they are not a "music listening" speaker but for ht they are killer.

My room is 16 x 28 and luckily i have the ability of keeping the mains 3ft off the wall. Thats the biggest key with the bipoles, room to breath. Believe me when i say it took 3 months to figure out the optimum placement. Spl, graphing the room, sub placement and phase settings, etc,etc,etc. I think my initial main goal of getting the "going to the movies" experience has been achieved.

I guess i was sticking up for all the Def tech owners of the free world!!

Funny you mention the B&K ref 50. I auditioned one a few weeks ago. I am looking to demo it on my system to see if its worth the upgrade.
The B&K is a very nice unit, it gets overlooked lately but it is a rock solid performer with all the tools you need to setup your speakers and EQ the bass in those towers.

Infact because of this bass eq feature would be the processor for you too look at do to one of your systems
"disadvantages" with the subs built into the base of your mains.

I have no doubt you bought the best system you could find and like I said there is no reason not to fully enjoy your system. The two systems I posted are nearly impossible for you to get a chance to listen too. So I was being a little unfair. Its likely your closest Blue Sky dealer is a Guitar Center.:)

have fun