HUH? Is this unusual?

I walked into a Salvation Army thriftstore in a small Wisconsin town today,never been there before.
Saw a bin with maybe 50 LP's,browsing through the usual
scratched Dean Martin and Mormom Choir drek when I noticed a large box set near the back.
Turned out to be a 10 record, unopened,unplayed Jap RCA pressing of Rubenstein playin the Chopin Sonatas,Mazurkas etc.
Cost,$2.99 + tax .
Great find ,the places on Long Island .Well there still close here but ,I can only imagine the crazy prices they will be asking when they open up.
There are lots of good recordings in those old Reader’s Digest box sets. I’ve found some that were virtually unplayed. Quality quiet vinyl too.

One to look for was issued in 1964; a 12-record Reader’s Digest box set titled: "Treasury of Great Music." These are all RCA recordings from the golden era of stereo, engineered by Ken Wilkenson. In addition to the 12 records, they included a bonus record featuring music by Beethoven, Bach, Weber, and Schumann.

This eBay seller listed this one as 78 rpm. That's a mistake. These are all 12" 33 rpm recordings.

My set is dead mint. It even has all of the advertising and coupons to facilitate ordering additional sets. According to the coupons in my set, the 12-record sets were available at a cost of $16.00 - $16.96, "payable in four easy payments."

How times have changed.