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Should people with no turntable or reel to reel be considered audiophiles?
My neighbour had a red Porche Super fifty years ago. His son still has it, and has restored to 100 % original working shape. Beautiful machine.This super Porche is a tractor.  
Wow an old album that rocked your world
As for Hi-Fi and for Music... "Electric Ladyland" any decent edition. Eddie Kramer & Jimi HendrixAs well as "666" by Aphrodite´s Child, another forgotten masterpiece."Meddle" by Pink Floyd, a certain German reissue from 1977 (I think).etc. too... 
HUH? Is this unusual?
Resistance is futile. 
Two Turntables? Why
Some spend time with women some with men some with beer.Some with records some with cartridges some with tonearms.And some with turntables and that´s cool.  
Religious music for less than devout
Some already mentioned but here are a few... Son of a Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield (my fav performancer) Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum Visions of Angels - Genesis After Forever - Black Sabbath Redeemed - Blue Öyster Cult Jesus Is Just A... 
Little Richard passes away at 87. Another musical great joins the band in the sky.
The Greatest is gone, from the Golden Age of Rock`n´Roll. Thank you for the Music !  
Most amusing album or song titles
LOLHow ´bout "The Devil Came from Kansas" by Procol Harum ?... can´t type ... keep ´ em coming ... 
Most amusing album or song titles
Yeah. This Audiogon ain´t big enough for both of us. This Town Ain´t Big Enough for Both of Us - Sparks, 1974  (US band, quite surprisingly, isn´t it)https://youtu.be/-ztSKDbDRXc 
Most amusing album or song titles
Te Mafia Stole My Guitar - Alex Harvey (solo album after SAHB, 1979) 
Trans-Fi Terminator Tonearm: 2019 Update
My ORACLE DELPHI and Terminator performing in 2009, taken by a digital camera:https://youtu.be/Ql9Gq6ir7hA 
How old are you ? 
Getting it on with Prog
Gotta get a copy of "Mainhorse" because of Moraz. His talent has always been underestimated and misunderstood and often mixed too low, especially with major English acts like Yes where he was the most innovative musician at the period. Luckily he ... 
Getting it on with Prog
Valentyne Suite by COLOSSEUM, 1969. COLOSSEUM was the first to combine blues and jazz into classical themes in such convincing way and the title track is a prog epic, even without words as they are not needed at all, it´s that good. COLOSSEUM LIVE... 
Getting it on with Prog
666 by Aphrodite´s Child. An experimental prog psych etchin fusion epic. Having heard this unbelievable work it´s no wonder why Jon Anderson praised this masterpiece whereas many prog musicians and fans, like one beeing my ELP buddy, just ignored ... 
Getting it on with Prog
Indeed, anti-US in everything I´d say. That´s why Pohjola rejected Zappa. Sadness is part of human life but I find Bialoipokku´s simple life quite happy and above all, free : ) The woodwinds echoe the life in large forests of the North.Piirpauke´s...