Hum problem

Been chasing a hum in my VAC Ren 30/30 for quite a while.  My technician has been all through it and does not find a problem.  Says he cannot hear it in his system, but it's quite apparent on my Horning speakers (94 dB maybe?).  As soon as the soft start relay starts to open, it begins to be audible and when it clicks open it's fully audible, maybe from 5-6' away, with the pre-amp fully attenuated.  Once you advance the attenuator past about 9 or 10 o'clock, it starts to get louder, but not before.  It's not a transformer mechanical hum; no sound at the amp but clearly audible through the mid range of the speakers.  Present w no other components turned on (or any/all turned on).  No change after swapping out power cords, lifting ground, swapping interconnects.  Changing the position of the ground switch on the amp has no impact.  Same w AC straight from the wall or w AC from a Dodd Audio Balanced Power System iso transformer.  Since this is a transformer/tube amp (not an OTL), I assume there can be no DC offset, and cannot really check that because I don't think I can operate it w/o a speaker load and the info I find on the web says it must be checked w/o a load.  

Any ideas before I ship this 85 lb beast back to VAC?

My technician has been all through it and does not find a problem. Says he cannot hear it in his system, but it's quite apparent on my Horning speakers (94 dB maybe?).
See if you can hire the technician for an hour or so to come to your home and listen to the hum first hand.


Not a bad idea, Jim. I’m a regular customer and he lives in my town. If Al’s idea of swapping out the 6SN7s doesn’t work , i’ll give him a call. 
Could be induced hum (it doesn't do it in the tech's system). Is it possible to move the amplifier to another corner of the room and see if there's any change?
Did the technician put it on the scope?  If not what are the efficiency of his speakers?
Hey Swamp….

Sorry to hear this.

Maybe I’m preaching to the choir but your post did not account for:

You said “… for a while” expressly focusing on the 30/30. What was checked or swapped out upstream to put the finger right on the amp?

Using a diff preamp. Got another preamp to try?

Using a diff amp. Got another amp around there? Does this occur with any amp in the system?

As well, Got another pair of speakers? Hook them up and try it again, using the exact same spkr wires, etc. .

These ought to eliminate one aspect. Hope so, but I’m not all in on that one though it seems an area to check out and its easy enough to do I’d think.

You said your tech looked at it but could not replicate the situation in what I suspect was his shop.

Something loose inside the amp? Moved during travel?

I’d suspect he set It up as I stated above before breaking out the multi meter or scope.

Before Al chimed in I thought ‘volume control’ ckt. Or upstream is developing an issue somewhere.

Thought loose connections on spkr wires too. And if using bare wires, a single strand loose and touching the case.

Have a hard time counting on a ground suddenly arising from an IC, or when one had not been there previously eg., CATV, Dimmers, etc. save for a now failing device..

Re-reading the post, the hum is there from the jump but more noticeable once power ala tubes warm up so I’d agree on swapping out what ever tubes, one by one, could be pretty revelatory.

The mystery for me is the ‘tech’ did his investigations with the same tubes in it, I presume.

Might be as simple as the soft start relay is failing. Moving parts with make & break or vice versa contacts do pose issues with time and use. The coil in the relay could just be ready to quit. Insulation break downs, poor conductivity from pitted or dirty contacts, contacts not fully opening or closing, etc.

Depending on what the tech says elec and visually testing it, Relays often have enough info on them so a replacement can be ordered pretty easily… if you just want to see prior to making any major moves… and provided it ain’t the tubes as was said.

If bad have VAC send a new one. I’d sure look into that before packing it in and sending it to the Sunburn state for a look see.