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2a3 Tubes - Favorites?
RCA Cunningham single plate. Nothing comes close.  
Measurements for a dedicated line
The neutral should have no more than 2 volts to ground. If you have more than that (as measured at the receptacle) the first thing to do is to go to all the outlets with a plug in receptacle tester and make sure they all read ’wired correctly’ and... 
How does bi-wiring work?
It doesn’t work any different than non bi-wired. From an electrical engineering standpoint, the amplifier terminal and the two speaker terminals are the exact same node. The only advantage IMO of bi-wiring is that the sonic signature of a speaker ... 
Modern Speaker switch for use with banana plugs
Luxman AS-55. One amplifier to three pairs of speakers. You can find 'em on eBay.  
High output voltage DACs, preamp input concern
Source output voltage is not an issue with preamps as the first thing the source voltage drives is the input impedance (usually) set by the volume pot. There are no tubes or transistors upstream of the volume pot to be overdriven.  
Ribbon cable inside amplifiers
Those ribbon cables are most likely used for the front panel meter, That meter measures current at the output stage so it appears each wire in the ribbon picks up the voltage from a transistor (probably across the emitter resistor) to do the conve... 
Query on power cable with IEC C13 and US 2-prong
Read your owner's manual. If the list of "what's-in-the-box" states 3-prong power cord that means the unit is made for sale in the US and Canada.  If the unit is double insulated (I doubt it) then there will be no continuity between the IEC recep... 
REL owners, how many clicks on your gain and crossover
FWIW, with my stereo pair of S/510’s the settings in my 28’x15’x8’ room are: Five clicks from 20 hz on the crossover and 12 clicks clockwise on the high level input for use with a pair of Thiel 3.6 speakers; 3 o’clock in the crossover and the sa... 
Blowing Fuses. Dennis Had Inspire 300B SET
Turn on the amp without the tubes installed. If the fuse blows send the amp in for repair. If not, then there's a 99% chance it's a bad tube.    
Am I reaching the max power / amplitude of my Rotel RB-951 power amp?
I looked at the specs for your amp... the high level setting has an input sensitivity of 775mV. The Kenwood receiver specs show a tuner output of 160mV. That's why the amp is not playing loud, the tuner's max output is -14dB lower than the voltage... 
Am I reaching the max power / amplitude of my Rotel RB-951 power amp?
Does the loudness vary in proportion to turning of the level screws?  
Volume Problem Trouble Shooting Ideas?
If you have a digital multi-meter check the resistance from end to end of the cable. It should read at the lowest end of the scale around 0.1 ohms. Anything more and the cable is eating up the signal. The resistance will read more if the connector... 
help me identify this amplifier
Very likely not a name brand but a home built. The giveaway is the wooden blocks glued to the sides and front -- they are used to hold the bottom cover screws.  
Floating ground in the apt. Building
You have a romex spool with the ground wire too short? What does this have to do with the wiring already in the wall? Unless... Did you take that romex spool to your new apartment and then connected to a new outlet you installed and then ran the ... 
How long does it take your tube amp to warm up?
From my experience, it doesn't matter how long you let the tubes warm up. The amp won't sound its best until after 15 minutes of signal has passed through it. Ten minutes of idle is all it takes for a KT150 (the highest power dissipating tube out ...