Hum when phono stage is turned ON. Popping, crackling after playing record for few mins

Two separate issues.
Problem 1: I have a Pro-ject S2 phono stage with a two pin power adapter. When connected to my Receiver, there is a constant hum in the speakers. Will connecting a copper wire to the ground pin on the phono fix the hum?
Problem 2: Record plays cleanly for about 45 seconds to a minute. After that I get a periodic crackle or pop every 5-10 seconds which gets louder as time passes. Record and needle are brand new. When I walk up and touch any part of turntable, the popping goes away so I'm guessing this is static electricity that discharges through my body. Will this also be solved by grounding the phono? Does adding a humidifier really solve this problem?

Problem 1: very likely.
Problem 2: This could well be solved by grounding the turntable as well. I would not worry about this problem unless you see its still there after the 'table is grounded.
Try plugging the phono stage into the same outlet as the receiver. Better yet plug into the receiver if it has outlets. Grounding the table may or may not help. Tracking down hum is a process.

Static, right. Grounding doesn't really help. Humidity is a factor. Ordinary anti-static spray for clothes works great for me. Spray a little so it wafts around but not over or onto the record, around the turntable- and everything else for that matter. I waft it over my cables, all interconnects, phono-stage and amp, the works, every time. Blacker background, cleaner and more detailed with less grain and glare. At $6 for 5.5 oz its a bargain.