HW19 jr arm spacers for SME IV with new platter?

I recently came across a used VPI HW19jr in great shape with an SME armboard. I installed my new SMEIV and like the table so much that I will upgrade some parts including the stainless steel platter. The good folks at VPI say that if I do this I will quite possibly, have to add an arm spacer or a super armboard to raise the height of the arm. I have seen the classic platter's thickness and want to know if anyone has had this experience; do I need the spacers or does the SME arm have enough height adjustment to allow this to be done without the need for spacers.
Since the arm is already mounted why don't you raise it to see how high it goes? The platter you have now is 1 inch high,find out the height of the new platter and see what what the difference is,you might not be able to lower the dust cover. I tried this years ago with a mk4 platter and it never worked out. I suggest if you want to upgrade with out any hassel try to find a mk3 platter. Good luck!