Hydra 6 vs. PS Audio Quintessence

I'm currently using a PS Audio Quintessence w/Statement PC on my front end components. Was looking to upgrade the PC to my VTL 5.5 Tube preamp,(an PS Audio Plus)- by swapping to Statement PC from the Quitessence and then get a Shunyata Taipan or a well priced Python for the Quintessence. I'm seeking to squezze more clarity out of my system,which is fairly transparent. Don't have the space or the budget for a V Ray or Hydra 8. Since I'mlooking at ideas and alternatives I thought I'd ask if anyone has demoed the Hydra vs. the Quintessence? Is there a HUGE pick up in clarity and space with the Hydra?
I use Shunyata Taipan Helix PC on my amps and an older Python VX non-Helix on my Ayre CD 7e CDP. Thanks!