Hyperion 938 or Defenitive Technology Mythos ST??

Anyone heard both? Which of these two would you prefer starting from a pure sound quality point?

Here's my story...
I'm a happy owner of the Hyperion 938 and was considering upgrading to the 968 flagship model. I contacted a dealer about this and he told me i could do better for less money by buying hte DefTech Mythos ST!?! Is he joking? I was a bit shocked when he told this as the Hyperion 938 allready got rave reviews and is very good Price/quality wise. How could a speaker for almost half the price be better?? I didn't found any direct comparisons from both speakers when i google for them.
Are the Mythos actually like the 938 soundwise but much better or just different in sound?
only you can decide by listening...easy to get sold if you only go by reviews...each speaker has a different design approach.
I never heard any Hyperion speakers but did own the ST. I've been through quite a few speakers over the last 5 years. It's a crap shoot when you change speakers. It may or may not be to your liking. In other words an unknown. Be smart, go with the known sound, which is Hyperion. You know the Hyperion sound, you like it. My advice is either stay with the 938's, or move up to the 968. Obviously it would be nice to save money but you can apparently afford the cost of the 968. The ST speakers were good, but after owning them and later selling, I was never confident that the ST could resolve like high end speakers do.
I think it might be the dealer wanting to sell the deftechs or his own personal taste. However i got intrested a few years ago on the DefTech's and i will listen to them and if i like them i should ask to get a home audition of these speakers. It's just to risky buying these speakers and selling my Hyperions without getting a home audition. But i suspect they can't be compared to the high end speakers. I suspect it's just a designspeaker that is build in a way to be as good as a full range speaker i suppose. That might be a pleasant suprise for reviewers.
Rcduck7 - I just upgraded to Hyperions 938 and would perhaps face similar dilemma in the future. Hyperions have very open, very detailed midrange with nice extension but sound is very relaxed. That works very well with my SS amp and CD/DAC. I would be afraid that salesman can convince me someday to buy impressive hi-fiish sounding speakers.

I found this in the ultimateavmag.com review of Mythos ST: "The presentation is not forward, but it is accurate and precise. If you or your electronics need more forgiveness from your speakers, keep looking. The Mythos STs are far from analytical or sterile, but they're not laid back either."

Mythos have built-in 300W bass amp - that might change your system.

Review is very positive overall but I remember glowing reviews of Paradigm Studio/60 I had before (not even close to performance of Hyperions).
Thanks for your comment Kijanki.
Yes, hyperion 938's are a bit polite, allthough sound is allready good for easy listening at low volume i tend to go relatively loud to lose that relaxed sound.
I heard the Paradigms with a dealer (allthough in not very ideal conditions) and they were to bright for me on my amp, i loved Dynaudio and Spendor though. I was also suprised by cheap german speakers named Heco. Very good and Dynamic with Live recordings but maybe not very transparant.

But i'm in a fase that i'm experimenting with components and finetuning to make the sound even more to my liking on the Hyperions. I ditched my mains conditioner and instead use isolation transformers and wireworld mains cables which inproved the sound. The midrange of the Hyperions can be out of phase, so it might be good to try and reverse it (easy to do if you triwire). But do me a pleasure, since you face a similar dilemma on the Hyperions, go to the audiocicle forum, there is a dedicated hyperion 938 forum with lots of info.
Rcduc7 - Yes, I checked this forum and found a lot of info. I might be a little turned off by Paradigms brightness while my class D amp is not very forgiving. I replaced tweeter in Paradigms with Morel Supreme 110 but could never properly integrate it (it is not trivial). Midrange was also a little muddy at least in comparison to Hyperions. I like relaxed but detailed and dynamic sound of Hyperions but it is hard to get used to shiny black piano finish. One positive thing is that scratch or dent can be fixed by piano restoring shop while dent or scratch on wooden veneer might be impossible to remove. Next step is to improve room - the most expensive part of stereo system.
I think Hyperion is nearly out of business unfortunately.
They start to sell at dealer priecs everywhere, even in countries where they had a distributors, that's definitely a bad sign.

As they use proprietary drivers i think you should really think about it twice.

The 968 are very good speakers however.
My Hyperion 906 that i use as surrounds are also very bright, they have about the same sound as the 938 but are a bit more forward and with much emphasis on the highs.
But i found they sound rather very good when adding a resistor of about 5 to 8 ohm at the + terminal of the tweeter.
The amp then would have to work a little harder though.
I also use Rothwell in-line attenuators, which made the sound more analogue and less bright.
Maybe you should try something similair?
Trendy - my dealer told me that it is only a rumor and Hyperion is introducing new speaker in January i $10k range.