Hypex NCore 1200

I plan to purchase the class D NCore 1200 amps.
Has anyone compared these amps against those class A or A/B amps such as McIntosh MC501, Passlab XA160.5 or Lamm 1.2!?

If you're still using WA Sophia 3s, take a look at the Aesthetix Altas Signature. It's a no feedback design and sounds great on the S3s.

The other amp I'd like to hear on the S3s is the Spectral DMA 260.
Thank You all for your response. Much appreciated!

I've made payment for 1 pair of TRL600 amps. I'll soon find out and at least letting you know my feedback on the NCore1200 vs McIntosh MC501

Note: I've created a new account under Highfidelitysound user as I've realised I shouldn't name the account base on gear brand name!
I've finally received the TRL600 amps. I've broken in the amps through running the Isotek burn-in CD for a dozen times.
My initial feedback as follow:
1. Lots more gain comparing to my McIntosh MC501. This cause slight hum noise which have been using Granite Audio Ground Zero.
2. The sound is more powerful, better resolution, more detail and faster. These could be due to higher gain?
3. Mid bass and lower bass are their strong points.

However I feel the amps sound is somehow not very engaging. It is quite hard to explain but I'm not entirely sure if they sound better or just play louder. I used to have a heavily mod Primare CD31. My initial impression after the mod was like "Wow" but over times, I realised it just played louder. Hence created false impression of better sounding. I've then upgraded to the Esoteric K01 and it is a truly awesome player, not play loud but soulful. I just want to use these 2 CD players to express my feeling on the sound of the NC1200 vs MC501. Of course to my ears, the MC501 also have quite a number of weakness!

Hi Primare_cd31, if your new TRLs are indeed based on Ncore NC1200, you are in for a very long break-in before the devices give you their very best.... I fear that running a break-in CD a dozen times will not do the trick. With merrill Veritas at least, the initial lack of emotional engagement gradually morphs into much more than the absolute opposite. Complete break-in is at least 1000 hours. See my scribblings on the subject at:


This far, I have had the impression that public exposure of Veritas and perhaps other Ncore amps may have occured with devices fresh off the factory floor, or perhaps with only a couple of hundred hours of operation and less than one full day of in-situ warmup... This could easily explain the reservations that AudioOracle and others have about the technology.

One recommendation... Run your TRLs 24/7, and feed them FM interstation hash night-time or whenever you are not listening to music.... Will make break-in a matter of several weeks instead of several months. And expect a lot of up and downs of performance during break-in... Frustratingly inevitable.

By the way, could you please post the URL of the Mola-Mola Kaluga comparison with the Solution amp?

Saluti, Guido