I am enjoying my analog system, but what can I do to improve?

I currently have Technics 1200G turntable with Dynavector 17XD cartridge playing through Kitsune LCR 1 MK5 phono pre and Allnic L7000 preamp. My amps are Pass X350.5 and Benchmark AHB2 driving Sound Lab ESL speakers. My system sounds great, but I am wondering how I can take my system to another level. What do you think?


Move to good quality digital. You will get less noise and at least another 12 - 15 db of dynamic headroom 😉

You will also get punchier bass, more precise treble and crackle free mids. 

The 1200G is a bit of a pig to change tonearms on - and there's very limited clearance for the arm pillar vis a vis the baseplate, especially since the platter is so low profile and the arm often needs to come down a long way to get the correct VTA. I did an SME IV swap on one recently (not my own deck) and it just about worked. Though, it certainly did improve the deck. However, I would just upgrade the entire turntable because it's bad value to end up with a redundant arm that doesn't really fit anything else, versus trading in the complete deck for an alternative - there's a myriad of choices.

As has been said, any of the Pass preamps would work well.

I suggest consideration of the Parasound JC3+ phono stage which is excellent value for money on a price/performance basis.

Simplify signal chain and go for unified voicing?

1. Given room size, sell the two amps and replace with Pass labs pure class A (XA30.8) [that seems like a definite]

2. Add Pass pre and phonostage [or phonostage to taste]; sell the other stuff

3. Not sure enough space for dipoles to breathe.  Try high efficiency on the smaller side - Coherent, Trenner & Friedel, Zu, whatever - you are at nearfield listening distance anyway

Could be breakeven if you buy used gear. Certainly much less than $7k

WIll be a simpler, higher efficiency system maybe better suited for room size.  Will certainly sound a lot different

Let us know what you decide!

Have a great day

@chungjh , You should consider this an evolutionary process. Your speakers can make use of the highest quality (not price) equipment and you have many weak links or links that could be stronger. I think first is your amps. If you like Pass you need to go to the XA200.8 but it is well known in the Sound Lab community that the best amps for driving them are the Parasound JC1+ and the Atma-Sphere MA2. Either amp will wake up the Sound Labs to an amazing degree like a breath of fresh air and they will be "final" amps. Then you can work on your front end. I would start by replacing the Technics. It's tonearm is not worthy of better cartridges and for the Sound Labs you are looking at at least $5000 for a moving coil cartridge and there are many that will sound fine. Finally the preamp and I would get one with bass management capabilities so you can add subwoofers down the line.

Get the Allnic matching phonostage. I did my own shootout on phonostages and their impact on the music was undeniable.