I am looking for speaker(s) - probably Bluetooth for my shop.

I want to bring my tunes to my shop.  My shop is not large:  about 16' x 11'.  I currently have a roon setup in the house (office and family room).  I don't necessarily need roon in the shop.  For internet connectivity is a little dicey in the shop.  I do plan on running copper there in the next month or two, though. 

My current short list is Audio Pro C3 and Sonos Move.   Though the portability of these systems is a bonus, but would give it up for clearly better Sound Quality.  My budget it $300 - $400, though it could stretch a little.  A child of the '70's I like to play at relatively high (though not ear-splitting) volumes, and am only a part-time bass-head. :D 

What say you?