I am no longer getting MQA?

I notice that with my Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer that I no longer get MQA. I now get flac 48KHZ 24 bit at the most where I used to get MQA. The sound is still good but it is not MQA. I know that there was a problem with Tidal and many streaming devices with regards to no more MQA. Does anyone know what the issue is and am I now only going to get flac 48KHZ 24 bit where I used to get MQA or at least Auralic’s version of MQA? 
I kind of get a kick out of all the hostility there is on this site regarding MQA. I tried it. I liked it. It did allow me to wrest a bit more SQ from Tidal. The trouble was, I found that standard issue Qobuz gave me better fidelity than Tidal ever did, MQA switched in or not. Unless Mytek invaded my Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the night and stole the feature from me, I probably still have it, too.
Tidal has App on Opportunity-105 (D). Can use iPad or any handheld device to browse and play as long as it is on the same Wifi network. A very good feature. 
My Lumin T2 just got a firmware update and the release notes indicated that there was an update to the MQA decoder (although they didn't say why the update was needed).  I don't have Tidal and, therefore, don't stream MQA but perhaps your Auralic needs an update (or maybe Auralic is working on one).
I am getting good sound but I am getting 48KHZ 24 bit flac on the albums which are supposed to be MQA. Is what I am currently getting the best Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer will do with Tidal?