I found audio nirvana....

Being an audiophile is no longer sensible for me.

There was a time long ago…when former audiophiles (like almost everyone else in the world) could enjoy music on a pair of computer speakers. Audiophiles today would say that most people who listen to music on a less than ideal audio system could be served much better by a high-end system, however the average person would beg to differ….

I’ve found what I think is the best pair of computer speakers for simply enjoying the music. I have done some research on human attention span – we can only pay attention to 4-5 things at once. Sacrificing our attention at the alter of a high-end audio system and obsessing about how wonderful it sounds; along with over-analyzing the sound quality of sum of all parts is quite exhausting. 

Enter the Logitech Z130. They look nice, clear midrange, somewhat recessed bass, slightly forward treble. And no real imaging or soundstage to speak of! They are so small!  All you get is clarity in the midrange and treble, with a hint of bass like a side order of veggies. Speech, like vocals and instrumentals are intelligible enough to discern lyrics; except for those that are somewhat hidden in a track; and require a more resolving system. The Z130 give the impression that they are small speakers; except for when the volume is turned up a little more. Then they sound kind of like tiny bookshelf speakers.

I just bought these after our IT guy brought them to my office (for a Microsoft Teams call). I also tested with music on my phone and found myself singing along as the music plays! No longer do I criticize how the music sounds on the system. I am not listening to audio equipment anymore. I’m simply hearing my music and enjoying it. I am now doing what 95% plus of the population does with music…they consume it as a form of entertainment. They don’t care how close they get to the authentic performance; because they realize that such a task is taxing on the wallet, brain, and our overall sanity. Perhaps “perfection” in audio does not exist.

Crazy as this might sound – try the following experiment: 

Convert your CD quality files to 320 kbps .mp3s using a high quality .mp3 convertor. If not, you can play audio files from a DAP, a smartphone, your computer etc. anything with a 3.5mm port. 

Cue up your music after setting up the speakers. They should be close to ear level.

Play just 3 of your favorite songs. I’m almost certain that you will sing along or feel good after a listening session.

Don’t believe me?! Try it. 

That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest. — Henry David Thoreau. 


Just listen to the music in your head. That's what Thoreau did, and it's a lot cheaper than that junk on your desk.

This reads like someone who cannot cook having their first Big Mac, then trying to convince the world that fine cuisine is a waste of time.


Maybe it does! But that was not my intention here.

The Logitec Z130 sound absolutely fantastic compared to every other computer speaker I’ve used at work.

Like I said, obviously some colorations. But the midrange is clear, vocals sound fairly accurate (You can tell it’s a particular artist singing), they are bass-light, and have some treble that is tuned up a bit.

Are they going to compete with a system like yours? Heck no.

I am not trying to demean audiophiles or their appreciation for top quality sound reproduction. However, I certainly now understand why the overwhelming majority scoffs at audiophiles, doesn’t understand the hobby, and why most average people won’t spend more than a few hundred dollars on an audio system.

Audio documentaries, such as Greek Audiophile highlight these points I’ve made above very well. Their Wives and children are quick to tell them... You’re crazy! Because even they listen to music...enjoy it...and don’t require a high-end audio system for it. They certainly acknowledge it "sounds nice" but cannot pinpoint what is different; aside from "the music sounded so real."

So the average person is thinking:

Lyrics, how the song makes me feel, appreciation for the artist or band, going to a concert just to see them etc.

The audiophile is thinking:

How close am I to the real performance? Do i need to upgrade etc.

And when the average person looks at what an audiophile is doing, they simply don’t want that time investment or added stress....

I am glad to no longer be an audiophile.

I sincerely suggest trying these computer speakers. I’ve tried many over the years. They're perfect for an office environment; and excellent for Microsoft Teams meetings etc. if you're working from home.

You won’t be able to fault them much initially, other than that they sound small, don’t have sound stage, or imaging.

But if you really love the songs you’re listening to...you will definitely tap your feet, sing along etc.

All the best.



I’ve heard the Logitec Z130 w/ Sub (each & every Saturday) in a worst case scenario work environment and I agree, pretty darn good.

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