I found my ideal interconnect - Sonoran Plateau

I have owned or listened to many ICs in the last 20 years or so, some cheap ones and some expensive ones but none has given me as much satisfaction as the Sonoran Plateau. I just received a new pair and tried it as phono cable in my vinyl only system.
Unlike most ICs. The high frequency is not rolled off and the bass is not unnaturally enhanced. There is also the mid bass which was not clear at all before, came alive. The bass is very firm and natural. It is the most natural, well balanced in all frequencies cable I have listened to. There is much less distortion at higher volume level, much more opened sound overall.
The funny thing is this cable is not advertised in any audio magazine. I have to say it is best kept secret in the audio circle.
I have to say this cable is the best addition to my system for the money.
I have just ordered another pair, to be used from my phono stage to the amp (I don't have a linestage).
I had the pleasure of auditioning in my dedicated sound room, on my systems, the Sonoran Plateau speaker cables and interconnects. The results of these copper cables were just as you described. I’d think they could compete with any copper speaker cable or interconnect that’s out there at a fraction of the cost.
Wow,I have been using Sonoran cables now for 6 whole years, the secret is out..The latest verson with Micro-Bearing is the quiet revelation...dynamically coherent. Name one musical instrument made with silver as a primary conductor..scratch hard ? Name musical instruments containing copper as their primary conductor? Tom
I haven't yet tried the Sonoran Plateau interconnects, but I do have the Plateau power cord on my Cdp and I have yet to find another that makes my CD's sound any better.Yes, this company's products are a kept secret.Everyone should visit their website and read about their theory of resonance control.
I'm sold. I have both cable, IC's, racks, and amps from these guys. They have an awesome line of products that are not well known but not replaced often by anyone who puts them in their system.
WE been having a power cord shoot out here in Virginia and Sonoran Plateau PC has been the winner by far.My system sound great with Sonoran products,IC`s,cable,racks.
my system never fully reached it's current level of musical revelation until I began using the two Sistrum SP-6 racks, also by the Starsound guys. I am now using the Sonoran Plateau IC's as well in a couple of signal paths within the system, and am very impressed- considering more widespread use of the product.

I find the noise floor quite low (the racks are also helping with this), and suspect the microbearing shielding around the Plateau cables has something to do with it. Also- the ends are finished quite nicely- I believe it's a VanDenhul connector. I'm not going to get into the copper-silver debate here, but anyone looking for a copper IC that is revealing, yet harmonically complete with a low noise floor should definitely check out the Sonoran Plateau product.

The level of customer service is also beyond reproach. Robert at Starsound is a class act- have had many long conversations surrouding the resonance-draining technology, and unless I stand corrected, I believe Tom (TWL) is now involved with representing this fine product, and we all know how much he is committed to musical enjoyment for all members of this community- you couldn't ask for a nicer and more knowledgable guy to deal with. I have no involvement with the company, just a satisfied customer. Now I'm curious about the power cords!!
Has anyone done a comparable test with some top notch cables like: Jena Labs, Transparent Reference MM or Valhalla or Elrod PC or are this Sonoran Plateau in a lesser league? Just asking....

What about Pure note or Ridge Street Audio, I'm curius, and always open to something better.
Well, Lak auditioned the Sonoran against the Ridge Street Audio MSE Genn II and sent the Sonoran's back. I did not get a chance to try them out nor listen to them in my own home. Nonetheless, Lak told me they are the best copper cables he's used. I am confident my next DIY project, a cryo'ed & polished copper ribbon speaker cable will outperform the Sonoran. For months I have been thinking about how to do this properly and even discussed this with Robert Schult and Jon Risch. The cable will be sprayed with laquer, wrapped in a secondary dielectric and encased in a tube filled with fine silica sand. It will be rather labor intensive but it's going to be superb...
Francisco when you have your mighty new cables finished and broken in bring them on down here to Bluegrass country. We can give them a work out,in a fully implemented, Sistrum,shotgun Sonoran rig..Love to hear them...Tom
I did not do a direct a/b with nordost valhalla, but listened to a demo with them and my speakers. They are obviously very quick and an excellent cable. My own belief having outfitted my system with the sonorans is that they are comptetitive with nordost. I did a direct a/b with nordost red dawns and it was not close. The sonorans are quite transparant, but have a certain warmth that I missed in the valhallas. The red dawns are great but when put next to the sonorans sounded shrill. The valhallas did not suffer the same fate in my demo, but still seemed to deliver a speed to the sound that I didn't feel was true to the original recording. At some point it becomes a matter of taste. The cost difference is enormous, which made the decision easy. For anyone who thinks my decision was dollar based I am thoroughly happy with my decision and would not trade the sonorans for anything else. I didn't skimp. I have a Levinson Media 40 directing Revel Studio's, 4 embraces, voice, and 2 sub15s. A crt projector with faroudja vp 3000 proceed pmdt. Amps are HP 110s which drive the studios+voice. Anyway these are fantastic cables.