I have a request....simply really,

I have the ol' Ipod, Wadia, Cambridge Audio Dacmagic set up. Now looking to upgrade. Is there....or why can't hardware companies incorporate these three units into one. Oh, there are some out there that exist in the $5-8000 range. But the 3 piece second gen units i have can be had for $900.00. Why can't wadia produce a storage unit like the Ipod, incorporated with a dac and user interface to turn 3 into one. Has anyone done this for under $2000? Olive has their 3d for $999.00, and their 4d for $2500, but the sound is suspect and I don't need a CD ripper. Does Audirvana have a hardware unit or just the $50.00 program for lossless?
Any ideas?
After a decade or so now, it does amaze me how so few (if any) manufacturers have put the digital puzzle together in a way that satisfies the market in any meaningful way.
The reason an iPod cost under $200 is because they've sold a trillion of them. Might look simple, it's not.

You don't need the iPod as your music server. Use your computer and stream your iTunes to your system via an Apple TV or Airport Express. Those cost less than $100 and both have digital outputs. Then all you need for your one box solution is an integrated amp with a built in DAC. Easy to find. This is actually a superior solution to the wadia dock since it can be controlled via an iPhone or iPod using the iTunes "Remote" app.