I love this stuff; How do I make a career outtavit

I am interested to hear from all those who are in the industry, how they got in and what is the best way for me to go from here.
I'm a Undergrad. in Electrical and Computer Engineering going to graduate in Dec '02 from the University of California, Irvine with about a 3.2 gpa.
I really like this line and want to work in it. I tried paying a lot of attention in the DSP and analogue circuits class but feel it doesn't teach me enough to know about the industry.
What is the best place to apply for a job?
How much do they pay?
How and where is the best place to gain work experience?
How much upward mobility does the Audio industry offer?
I'll be very grateful from whatever input you can offer...
most audio manufacturers are small and they won't care about your GPA rather on your ability to search and find. you can gain real work experience fixing a junk tuners and vintage amps. so drive around the garage sales and look for the stuff maybe you'll find some old good tubes and brew something out of it?
so the best place to apply for the internship i guess is garage sales.