I'm a tube novice: Tube substitution?

Yo guys- I need advice from you tube heads out there please :)

My Exemplar 2900 CD Player currently employs a pair of Mullard SQ 282 E180CC/7062 tubes, which I dearly love. Having perused these pages daily however, I know these particular tubes are quite rare and not easily found.

I know I can substitute 12AV7's without issue, but what about others? I realize that every tube family has varying degrees of desired quality, but my confusion concerns what actual tube numbers are physically compatible with the player.

For instance,I came across a sweet looking pair of E182CC Siemens- brand new- that I'm curious about...would they be adequate substitutes?

Any advice you guys can share would be invaluable!


Go to, SEARCH, and read much, on http://www.audioasylum.com/scripts/tv.pl?forum=tubes&s=U .
checkout this site. It listed all the possible replacement and how they sound based on author's observation
I'm trying to see if a 12AV7 tube can be used in place of a 12AT7 tube and stumbled upon this thread. I'm trying to make it through all the data in the AA but until then I'd like to put this out there.

So can a 12AV7 be used in a 12AT7 in an amp? Does anyone have any experience or thoughts with this that they would like to share? The amp I have is a Jolida JD-502P that requires 12AT7 tubes along with 12AX7 tubes. I was trying to find NOS Sylvania 12AT7 tubes at a budget price and could only find Sylvania 12AV7 tubes.

Thanks in advance.
Hi Jea48

Thanks for those sites. They were very good for info. I've never liked the format of Audio Asylum and was having trouble weeding through the noise. I think I may just stick with 12AT7s in my Jolida.
A 12av7 has less gain than a 12at7,so I would not do that. Why don't you try GE tubes,I have both GE and Sylvania and I like the GE better.
I went from the Phillips SQ (Special Quality) to Mullard ECC81 and the Mullards are just so smooth, liquid, and musical. I put the Mullards into my VTL amps too, they are wonderful.
7062's are a minor variant of 12AT7. Lots of not so great amperex 7062's available, I don't like them, the regular Amperex (Orange world globe) 12AT7's are better. People seem to like the older Bugle boy 12AT7 even more, can't say I've tried one