I'm happy with my purchase of Philips SACD1000

After 500 hrs of breaking in and when I just before, opened the cover of my new bought Philips SACD1000, I'm finally happy with purchase. I got it for $500 and it plays audio CDs like a $1000 player, it's not within the 1000-2000 bucks class of cause. Warm tonal body with a very very full mid-range, bas is little boomy and undfined but ICs can adjust with it. Hi-range is a bit too damped but I believe it will open up more later as I break it in ever more. This player shows a HIGH POTENTIAL and after I open the chassis, I was suprised with it's organized layout and well constructed pattern, with very decent component inside. A lot of space for mods, I will soon swap component inside with blackgates and WIMA caps, and better resistor, I might add a vol. control to run amp direct. It's extra space allow me to put a lot more good stuff in it. Great player to mod and to have fun with. Without mod, it still worth the buck because it plays music like players double it's price and DVD / SACD will be a FREE GIFT!