I’m looking for an sleek integrated amp under $15k

That looks amazing - wow factor like color screen, digital streaming, Apple Music etc and has inputs for turntable. Price Point -Under $15k. As a comparison I was looking at the Naim Uniti Nova.

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I have owned my McIntosh MA12000 almost 2 yrs now (also have a Hegel in my den). Listen to and auditioned several others in the same price point. The MA12000 is my last - and will be passed on to my kids. It was a financial stretch for me personally, but after two yrs - the best audio purchase I have made. It does everything well, very well, some exceptionally. The tube preamp side I would offer as much more than exceptional as is the connectivity for anything and everything. Built like a tank, future proof DAC/card system...currently their 2nd gen DAC. Some of the newer MC products I have listened to = more decorative than functional...but the MA12000 will be an iconic hallmark, one that Mc Labs has ever made.  Audio Excellence Canada has an in-depth review on U-tube